Are We Paying for Eradication of Virginia Range Mustangs?

An undated announcement by the City of Reno indicates that the FY 2022 Consolidated Appropriations Act authorized $500,000 “in federal support for the protection and humane management of the historic Virginia Range horses in the greater Reno area.”

Humane management usually means getting rid of them with PZP.

The funds were directed to the Nevada Department of Agriculture for “collaborative, science-based management” of the herd.

The announcement said the horses are managed under two cooperative agreements, one between the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses and NDA for fertility control and the other between NDA and Wild Horse Connection for range management, including rescue and relocation, diversionary feeding and fence construction and repair.

CAAWH and WHC Logos 05-15-22

The article last August by Courthouse News said NDA had contracted with WHC to implement the fertility control program but that was not mentioned by the City.

One thought on “Are We Paying for Eradication of Virginia Range Mustangs?

  1. Bureaucracies exist to perpetuate themselves. The same is true for ‘well-meaning’ 501c3 non-profits who exist to dun us for contributions while never making any progress in ending any misery or suffering…

    We have many good, seemingly well-meaning, advocacy organizations each with a particular axe to grind… and this particular story is just another example of the voiceless suffering at the bloody hands of an advo org just wanting to prolong its ineffectual existence!

    Many argue for unity and frame every circumstance as ‘us(good) versus them(bad)’ …

    Please consider this “Real World Variation of the Trolley Problem”:

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