WHC Scrubs References to PZP?

The article last August by Courthouse News said the Nevada Department of Agriculture had contracted with Wild Horse Connection to implement the fertility control program on the Virginia Range, an area where 3,000 or so horses wander over a triangle-sized piece of desolate land that extends from Reno to Fernley in the east and to Carson City in the south.

A keyword search of their site for “PZP” yielded no results.

No PZP at WHC 04-20-22

Additional searches for “fertility,” “dart” and “vaccine” produced no matches, while a search for “horse” yielded 21 hits.

Are they ashamed of what they’re doing to the horses?  Probably not.  But they know donations will dry up if the truth gets out.

Their home page features a mare and foal—exactly what they’re trying to prevent—and their projects page includes several photos of a cattle guard that can trap wild horses, as seen recently at the Salt River.

Like the Salt River Wild Horse Darting Group, WHC is a surrogate of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses.

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Trajectory of Wildh Horse Fertility Control Program 04-11-21

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