Sulphur Allotment Confusion

Table 3.1 in the Final EA for resource enforcement actions shows nine allotments that intersect the HMA, with one out of service.

The map supplied with other supporting documents shows eight.

The Western Watersheds map, reproduced below, shows ten.

Sulphur Allotments 02-05-22

Bennion Spring, listed in the table, does not appear on the project map.  Buckhorn and Jackson Wash, which appear on the map, are not listed in the table.  North and South Pine Valley, which are listed in the table, are not shown on the map.

A BLM representative said Table 3.1 is correct and explained the differences as follows:

  • Jackson Wash and Bennion Spring have been combined into one allotment but the change has not been reflected in the maps or databases
  • Less then 1% of Buckhorn was inside the HMA and the allotment boundary now coincides with that of the HMA so there is no overlap
  • North and South Pine Valley should have been shown on the project map but the error was not noticed when the EA was published

Stateline, Hamlin and Fairview are administered by the Fillmore Field Office and the others are managed by the Cedar City Field Office.

Allotment Master reports for the legacy arrangement [Fillmore | Cedar City] yielded the following data.  The percentage of Jackson Wash inside the HMA is based on an eyeball estimate from the WW map.  The other percentages were taken from Table 3.1.

Sulphur Allotment Calcs 02-06-22

Approximately 78% of the public acres in the allotments are in the Improve category, with the balance in Maintain.

The estimated forage assigned to livestock is 10,300 AUMs per year.  The allocation based on the data in Table 3.1 is 10,256 AUMs per year.

The 250 horses allowed by plan receive 3,000 AUMs per year.

If you thought the HMA was managed primarily for livestock, you’d be right.

A roundup is set begin this week.

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