Feed Cost Update

The price of alfalfa-grass hay yesterday was unchanged from January, $25 per bale with a 20 bale minimum.  But it’s still up 32% in the past six months.

The single-bale price was $26.

The price of a 50-pound sack of Purina Equine Senior has jumped from $26.49 in July to $30.99 yesterday, a 17% increase.

A 50-pound sack of Purina rice bran pellets has gone from $19.62 to $22.93, also a 17% increase.

The price of hay, which represents the majority of a horse’s diet, adopted or otherwise, works out to about $125 per AUM.  With the new AIP guidelines, you’ll be paying the freight for at least a year before you receive the $1,000 incentive.

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