Upgrading Your Gen 1 Projector

The list price of a new Gen 2 X-Caliber gauged projector with a 39″ barrel and satin black finish ranges from $1967.75 to $1,975.00.

What if you have a Gen 1 projector with a 29″ barrel, as demonstrated by this advocate, but want the added range and accuracy of the longer barrel?

Advocates are the Predators 11-30-21

An upgrade is available, as explained in this how-to video by Pneu-Dart.  The list price is $448.50 and only takes ten minutes to install.  There are no flats on the barrel sleeve and it is secured with Loctite so removal may be difficult without damage.  The upgrade kit includes a new sleeve and carrying case.

Be sure to check out the masthead at the Pneu-Dart Vimeo channel, which shows the powder charges going off as the RDDs hit the mark.  Note the deflection of the target upon impact.

Pneu-Dart Impact 01-03-22

This is what the advocates are doing to our horses.

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