Putting the Montana Solution Into Practice: RDDs

A remote delivery device, sometimes referred to as a dart, is pushed out of a projector with compressed gas.

According to the PZP spec sheet from the Science and Conservation Center, Pneu-Darts are not pressurized and cannot discharge spontaneously or through incidental contact.

For the dart to discharge, a small weight at the rear of the device must be launched forward (through impact with a target) to fire a small gunpowder cap, which in turn sets off a larger charge, pushing the plunger forward and emptying the dart into the animal.

Thus, the RDD is similar to a rifle cartridge, where a primer ignites the propellant after it is struck by the firing pin, sending the bullet down the barrel.

VR Darting Injury 09-15-21

Don’t worry, it’s safe, humane and relieves the mares of “the burden of pregnancy and raising young,” with benefits accruing to the public-lands ranchers.

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