Criticize Livestock, Target Horses

This article in Horse Nation, written by a senior advisor to the Animal Welfare Institute, a sponsor of the misleading Rock Springs petition, notes that livestock vastly outnumber wild horses and graze on the same public lands.

Further, the government is trying to reduce the nation’s wild horse population to just 27,000 animals, citing arbitrary AMLs that are not supported by science.

Yet it concludes with this inconsistent and unoriginal idea: The BLM should implement safe and humane fertility control methods to keep horses on the range.

If a darting program prevents 125 births in a herd of 600, it is equivalent to a roundup of 125 wild horses—every year.  It does not keep horses on the range.

There is no turning over of the genetic soil, the older horses die off, and the population goes down.  Exactly what the ranchers want, although on a much longer timeframe.

The wild horse world is full of charlatans.

“Stay Wild,” a favorite of the advocates, is a lie.  Next to the federal government, nobody’s getting rid of more wild horses than they are.

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