Pine Nut Advocates Help Ranchers Not Horses

The real estate agent and PZP darter who wrote the article about euthanizing foals in the current edition of Horse Tales also wrote the condescending article in last month’s edition about the dangers to wild horses posed by local residents.

The Pine Nut HA, not shown in the Western Watersheds map, extends well to the south of the HMA.  It’s drawn with a brown border on page 15 of the BLM map.  The area was identified for wild horses in 1971 but has since been zeroed out.  It has no AML.

The HA contains some private land, denoted by white.

Like the HMA, the HA intersects several grazing allotments, notably Buckeye, Sunrise and Pine Nut.  All three are in the Improve category according to the Allotment Master report (click on map to open in new tab).

Pine Nut Allotments 11-19-21

The author’s listings appear on the last page of this month’s edition of Horse Tales.

Some of the parcels have cattle fencing.  Others are surrounded by BLM land and have no legal access.  The description at the top says “Look for owner name Bently.”

Curiously, the permittee holding most of the active AUMs on the Buckeye Allotment is the Bently Family Limited Partnership.


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