Advocates Don’t See Themselves as Dangers to Wild Horses

Next to the federal government, nobody’s getting rid of more wild horses than they are.

But a column in the current edition of Horse Tales, titled ‘Wild Horse Tales,’ claims the danger is the very people who say they love them.

For example, residents who give them hay when snow arrives.  Others, including your host, who put out water for them.  Then there are those (OMG) who toss apples that might choke them or induce colic.

Don’t they realize they’re putting the lives of those horses at risk?

Every year the advocates knock on doors and try to politely reason with those that are guilty.  They would never try anything like that.

WHC Arrogance 08-13-21

In some cases, the BLM gets a call about horses in someone’s yard, so they set a trap and remove an entire band.  A whole band!

Meanwhile, the advocates are getting rid of hundreds—if not thousands—of wild horses every year with their ruinous darting programs, as they lecture you about endangering their lives with water and apples.

They’re full of crap!

Back on the range, livestock graze peacefully in areas where the horses once roamed, thanks in part to the advocates.

Mid Year Status Report 06-09-21

One thought on “Advocates Don’t See Themselves as Dangers to Wild Horses

  1. Hi There, I hate that I’m lumped in with AWHC and others who use PZP like its going out of fashion. I think I’m an advocate too. And I’m beginning to hate any type of fertility treatment. I cannot believe there are so many stupid people who have not done their due diligence. I’m not an advocate who sides with AWHC in any way. Again,I kinda hate the way you lump us all together when you write something stupid they’ve done. Alison

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