Public Observation of Roundups: Keep Them at a Distance

The events in this video may pre-date the Comprehensive Animal Welfare Program.

The standard covering roundups was published on June 30, 2015.

Why were these burros forced off the range?

More animals than allowed by plan?  Damage to ecosystem?  Were they robbing the public-lands ranchers of their birthright?

Despite the CAWP, the 2018 Spruce-Pequop roundup started with the killing of eight wild horses by gunshots to the abdomen.

Around 20 of the Heber wild hoses have been shot over the last two years but the Forest Service has been unable to find the culprits.

In the early days of the 2021 Jackson Mountains roundup, a foal was put down because it was an orphan.  That was its only shortcoming.  The gather report now says that it suffered from a chronic injury (malnutrition), with IM 2021-007 giving cover to the act.

With the fiftieth anniversary of the WHB Act now just weeks away, what exactly are we supposed to celebrate?  We have a statute that no longer resembles the original and most of the areas set aside for wild horses and burros are managed primarily for cattle and sheep.

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