Spruce-Pequop Gather Started with Wild Horse Massacre?

A report posted this evening in Las Vegas Now says that eight wild horses were shot by the BLM near Boone Springs in late August, at the beginning of the Spruce-Pequop gather.  The deaths do not appear in the gather reportsPhotographs of the dead horses do not provide a rationale for euthanasia.  Emaciation is not evident.

Businesswoman Madeleine Pickens owns over 20,000 acres in the area, with nearly 600,000 acres of public grazing allotments attached.  Those lands were obtained for the Mustang Monument wild horse sanctuary.  Pickens offered to take 30,000 wild horses out of government pens and put them back on the range.

“But Elko County is cattle country so Pickens has faced opposition at every step.”

The allotments cover much of the Spruce-Pequop HMA, and parts of the Goshute and Antelope Valley HMAs, which were also gathered this year.

Pickens believes the BLM wants to take her land and repurpose it for cattle grazing.

UPDATE: Added video.

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