SCAM ALERT: Stop the Roundups But Not the Removals

A letter about the Rock Springs roundup in today’s edition of the Jackson Hole News & Guide refers to the same site as the letter cited in yesterday’s post about well-meaning individuals led astray by groups masquerading as defenders of wild horses.

The site offers three letters “that can be copy and pasted and sent to your local media, no matter if you live in Wyoming or New York.”  Two of them include exhortations for fertility control.

Who created this site, Keep Wyoming Wyld?

Keep WY Wyld Logo 10-20-21

The browser tab shows the logo of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, an organization consumed by the overpopulation narrative and dedicated to long-term achievement of resource allocations that put the interests of public-lands ranchers far above those of the horses, sometimes referred to as achieving and maintaining AMLs.

RELATED: Management Priorities at Rock Springs HMAs.

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