Coalition Still Trying to Eradicate Nevada’s Wild Horses

They couldn’t get their resolution through the state legislature so now they’re pleading with the federal government, according to a report posted this morning by Nevada Current, an online service devoted to political and policy news and commentary.

The story includes the ridiculous quote about climate change by the chief scientist of HSUS, one of the signatories to the rancher-friendly ‘Path Forward.’

Do not be misled by statements from representatives of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses.  The group offers no meaningful opposition to land-use plans that shift most of the resources in HMAs to privately owned livestock.

They oppose helicopter roundups but spend untold amounts to get rid of wild horses with PZP, appeasing the government bureaucrats and helping them enforce the lopsided allocations of those plans.  They are not signatories in fact but signatories in principle.

Approximately 65% of the public acres in Nevada grazing allotments managed by the BLM fall into the Improve category, according to data from March, 2021.

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