Ranchers and Advocates Snub McCullough Peaks Wild Horses

A rancher interviewed for a story by the Cody Enterprise grazes six allotments in the area, with authorization numbers 4901330 and 4901633, according to the Operator Information and Allotment Information reports at RAS.

Four overlap the HMA, two do not.

The Allotment Master report shows four of them in the Improve category, with two in the Maintain category.  As for the public acres, 94.4% are in the Improve category, with 5.6% in Maintain.

Should this guy be lecturing us on wild horses and rangeland degradation?

McCullough Peaks Allotment Map 06-18-21

He receives a total of 5,709 AUMs per year across the six allotments.

One of the advocates, speaking to the Park County Commissioners about the horses, said “I am constantly out there telling tourists and tour people we can’t have that many more babies.”

Another advocate, who darted the McCullough Peaks horses for several years, wants the BLM to use PZP on every wild horse herd in America.

If things get out of control, the government will send in the helicopters to get rid of excess horses and restore the lopsided resource allocations of the land-use plans, or, if you prefer, the thriving ecological imbalance.

The advocates can then resume their efforts to make sure the herd never comes back, leaving the ranchers as the primary, if not principal, consumer of resources in the HMA.

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