Park County Commissioners to Approve New Resource Plan?

An article posted yesterday by the Cody Enterprise says it’s up for a vote on September 20 but, as of today, an agenda for the meeting does not appear on their web site.

The plan documents the county’s position on wild horses and burros:

  • Oppose the introduction or reintroduction of wild horses or burros on federal and state lands within the County
  • Support herd management plans that prevent habitat degradation and native wildlife displacement, using all available agency tools
  • Oppose any establishment, enlargement, or expansion of wild horse and burro HMAs and Herd Areas and be involved in discussions regarding any proposed enlargement or expansion of such boundaries or areas
  • Encourage public education programs that inform the public at large about domestic livestock, wild/feral horse and burros, wildlife management needs, and balancing the impacts and the needs to maintain healthy ecosystems

The chairman, taking a utilitarian approach, said the quality and health of local herds was much better under the purview of local ranchers and cowboys.  “We had good stock, we don’t have that anymore.”

Horses deemed useful were adopted, the rest went to slaughter.

An advocate interviewed for the story sided with the ranchers, stressing the importance of—you guessed it—fertility control and proper management of the adoption program.

As for the allotments, just make sure the permitted amount of cows are on the land and they are off when they are supposed to be.

RELATED: Wild vs Feral Debate at Park County Commissioners Meeting.

UPDATE: Agenda for September 20 meeting now available.

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