Wild vs Feral Debate at Park County Commissioners Meeting

Wild horse advocates disputed some of the language in a draft Natural Resources Management Plan at a June 15 meeting of the county commissioners, according to a story in yesterday’s edition of the Cody Enterprise.

The document gives the county a voice in the development of management plans for public lands by federal agencies.

Approval of the plan was the last item on the agenda before lunch.

Minutes of the meeting have not been posted and Western Horse Watchers has not been able to find a copy of the plan but has asked the commissioners’ executive assistant for a link to it.

The McCullough Peaks and Fifteenmile HMAs extend into the county.

As for non-native animals on America’s public lands, you can find them on just about any grazing allotment.

UPDATE: Commissioners are reviewing public comments on the draft NRMP and approval will occur at a future meeting.  Discussion of wild horses begins on page 58 of the pdf.  A map showing the two HMAs is on page 104.

One thought on “Wild vs Feral Debate at Park County Commissioners Meeting

  1. Fact-Wild Horses are NOT Feral Horses! The Wild Horses of today have been rightfully restored and reintroduced to the lands of their ancestors. Horses were on this continent long before humans! When Horses graze, they leave enough vegetation to grow back, while spreading seeds to maintain their environment. Cattle trample and kill vegetation, while emitting methane gas into the atmosphere and decimating the environment.

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