Litmus Test for Advocacy Groups

How many wild horses have been displaced from the Antelope Complex, now subject to a massive roundup, by privately owned livestock?

A few dozen?  Maybe a couple hundred?  No, over 6,000.

Did your favorite advocacy group tell you that?  Why not?  Who are they protecting?

Are they telling you that the government should be getting rid of the horses with PZP, not helicopters?

If so, you might want to find a better source of information about wild horses.

Did they tell you that over 1,500 wild horses have been denied a spot on Beatys Butte HMA because of privately owned livestock?

That roughly 700 wild horses have been cheated out of a place at Stinkingwater HMA by privately owned livestock?

Did they mention that 1,400 wild horses at Sand Wash Basin HMA have been forced into off-range holding by privately owned livestock?  Do they even acknowledge that livestock graze in the HMA?

Do they know how to compute these numbers?  Do they talk about environmental assessments, resource allocations and land-use plans?  Or do they tell you there isn’t a good way to calculate the number of wild horses an area can support?

Do they distinguish between cause and effect, between upstream and downstream parts of the management process?

Did they tell you that all of the horses in off-range could be returned to the range if public-lands ranching was stopped in just a few dozen HMAs?  That the off-range pastures and corrals could be emptied three to five times over if permitted grazing was stopped on all HMAs?

If not, you might want to find another source of information about wild horses.

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