Shock to Their Systems?

What would happen if you moved wild horses from an area where each one needs 100 acres or more to find enough food to an area where they can do the same on five acres, as proposed in a report dated April 30 by the Ag Information Network of the West?

Would they adjust to their new habitat without any problems?

The idea is to get them out of areas where they’re not wanted (by ranchers) and into areas not particularly suited to livestock grazing.

You could argue that it’s already happening, in effect, as horses are forced off their home range in the Great Basin and moved to grasslands in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Do they live to a ripe old age in those pastures?

The target stocking rate across all wild horse areas is currently one animal per thousand acres, compared to 200 animals per thousand acres under the proposal.

The Virginia Range was carrying about ten wild horses per thousand acres before the advocates started their herd reduction program.

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