Sinbad Burros Getting Short End of Stick?

The writer of a story in yesterday’s online edition of the Daily Camera asks why their numbers are so low relative to the number of cattle allowed in the area.

The management plan allows up to 70 burros in the HMA, equivalent to 35 wild horses, requiring 420 AUMs per year.

Table 2 in Section 3.3.1 of the 2016 DR / Final EA for resource enforcement actions in the area shows 10,899 AUMs per year assigned to livestock on five allotments, but does not indicate how much of that resource falls inside the HMA.  See page 26 in the pdf.

Although the management priorities in the HMA can’t be determined from the data in the EA, the author suggests that they’re not consistent with the intent of the WHB Act and he’s probably right.

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