Amend WHB Act So Wild Horses Can Be Relocated?

Why would you want to do that?

So they can be moved from places where they’re not wanted.

Not wanted by whom?  Most Americans want these animals protected.


Where to?

Remote wilderness areas not particularly suited to livestock grazing.

Can you corroborate that?

Refer to this opinion piece dated April 30 in the Pagosa Daily Post and this column in the Ag Information Network.

Why can’t the horses be moved?

It’s not allowed per Section 1339 of the statute.

Would they be safe in their new homes?

Probably not.  The writers speak for the ranchers, not the horses.

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2 thoughts on “Amend WHB Act So Wild Horses Can Be Relocated?

  1. Please stop rounding up and slaughter our wild horses and burros beef industry out of control it’s all and this needs to end !!

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