Allotment Status in Utah

The Allotment Information report in RAS for all districts and field offices in Utah yielded 1,391 unique rows after filtering out 946 duplicates.  Those rows corresponded to allotments with more than one permit.

The breakdown by category has a fairly even distribution across the defined classes.

  • Improve: 447
  • Maintain: 412
  • Custodial: 518
  • Unclassified: 14

With about one third of the allotments in the Improve category, public lands in Utah must be in pretty good shape, right?

The breakdown by acreage tells a different story:

  • Improve: 12,092,759
  • Maintain: 7,018,773
  • Custodial: 2,038,767
  • Unclassified: 206,335

Approximately 57% of the land does not meet standards for rangeland health.

The condition of the custodial allotments is not known.

Privately owned livestock can access over 21 million acres of BLM lands in the state, compared to a little more than two million acres for wild horses and burros.

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