Virginia Range 70 Years Later

The Virginia Range is ‘ground zero’ in the wild horse preservation movement.

Today, it is home to the largest darting effort in the country, sponsored by the ringleader and standard-bearer of the wild horse prevention movement, the American Wild Horse Campaign.

An undated article appearing in the winter 2020-2021 edition of Tahoe Quarterly leads the reader from Velma’s first encounter with the mustangers in 1950 to the current fertility control program, which has no adverse effects according to an adherent interviewed for the story (see trailcam photos below).

Along the way, it considers rangeland health, including comments by J.J. Goicoechea, a proponent of the rancher-friendly ‘Path Forward,’ a plan for achieving and maintaining AMLs on public lands inhabited by wild horses.

That means eighty to ninety five percent of the forage going to the ranchers.

Western Horse Watchers was able to find two grazing allotments associated with Mr. Goicoechea and his father, Pete, one managed by BLM’s Tuscarora Field Office and the other by the Bristlecone Field Office.

The Allotment Master reports [Tuscarora | Bristlecone] show both in the Improve category, with the Goicoecheas holding most of the active AUMs in each allotment.

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Handiwork of PZP Zealots

One thought on “Virginia Range 70 Years Later

  1. Cattle overgrazing has single handedly decimated the Western and Pacific northwest over the past few hundred years. We trust that the BLM is managing the land, but they are kowtowing to the welfare ranchers that are raping our public lands. The ranchers and the BLM need to be held accountable.

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