Condition of Eagle Allotments?

Of the eight allotments that intersect the Eagle HMA, currently subject to a roundup, four are in the Custodial category—condition unknown.  The other four are in the Improve category.

Allotment names and grazing seasons can be found in Table 3.2 of the Final EA for resource enforcement actions in the Complex.  Four of them offer year-round grazing.

The Allotment Master report shows little if any state or private lands in the Custodial allotments, so Western Horse Watchers is not sure how the 10% rule applies.  All of the active AUMs are tied to public (federal) lands.

Curiously, 51% of the allotments administered by the Caliente Field Office have been placed into that category.  Their condition is known only to BLM insiders.

UPDATE: Nine allotments are involved, not eight.  The Allotment Master report for the ninth puts it in the Improve category, bringing the total to five.  Permittees include the Blue Diamond Oil Corporation and Southern Nevada Water Authority.

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Caliente FO Allotments 01-28-21

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