Red Desert Horses Get Short End of Stick?

Probably, but it’s going to be hard to show because the data in Table 5 of the Final EA for wild horse management actions in the Complex are incomplete.  The five HMAs intersect seven allotments, according to Table 5, but the percentages of the allotments falling inside the HMAs were not given.

For example, the Cyclone Rim allotment covers almost all of the Lost Creek HMA and part of the Antelope Hills HMA, but how much of it falls inside Lost Creek?  What would you guess?  Maybe 80 percent?

Red Desert Allotments-1

Looks like the Stewart Creek HMA is 100% inside the Stewart Creek allotment (shown in white) but how much of the allotment falls inside the HMA?  Maybe 95%?

Reports involving forage allocations within the Complex will have to be based on eyeball estimates like these.

Bonus Question: Can you spot the five HMAs on the Wyoming allotment map?  Be sure to zoom in, it has excellent detail.

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