Red Desert Gather, Part 2, Starts Next Month

BLM said today that approximately 2,400 wild horses will be removed from the Red Desert Complex, beginning on or about October 6, due to overpopulation.  The area was gathered about two years ago but the effort was cut short because the off-range corrals reached their capacity.

The operation will be open to public observation.  The announcement did not say if it would be carried out with helicopters.

The Complex includes five HMAs in southwest Wyoming.  The combined AML is 724.

The pre-gather population is thought to be around 3,000.  The total acreage and stocking rate allowed by plan are not known at this time.

Red Desert Complex Map 09-16-20

The NEPA project by which the roundup is authorized was not specified and therefore the forage allocations are not known.

The destination of captured animals was not provided.

Gather stats and daily reports will be posted to this page.  Details not mentioned in the news release can be found there.

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