Red Desert Gather Ends Early

A BLM news release issued today indicates the Red Desert gather ended sooner than planned because the off-range corrals housing the animals had reached maximum capacity.  Of the 1442 horses removed from the range, 25 were returned and 10 died.

The announcement said horses were moving outside of HMAs, causing impacts in places not identified for their management.  Details were not provided.

A wild horse was euthanized on August 8 for a pre-existing condition and again on August 9 but the conditions were not explained.

A foal died in a temporary corral on August 12, cause of death undetermined.

Two horses were put down on August 13 for pre-existing conditions that were explained.

Captured animals will be available for adoption or purchase through the Wild Horse and Burro Program.  Animals not adopted or purchased will be placed in off-range pastures.

Gather stats and daily reports can be found on this page.

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