In Praise of PZP

Refer to this guest column, appearing this morning in the Las Vegas Sun.

If you believe that most of the problems on public lands in the western U.S. are due to privately owned livestock, why would you promote a technology associated with wild horse overpopulation?

The writer cites AWHC’s war on the Virginia Range mustangs as a PZP success story, but does not mention the disastrous long-term effects of PZP on the Assateague herd or the recent court order requiring the EPA to reconsider its registration of the pesticide.

Extended use, necessary for maintaining AMLs, leads to sterilization.  The horses are said to be ‘self boosting.’

PZP doesn’t protect wild horses, it prevents them.

While that might appeal to some, the idea does not have broad support among ranching interests because darted mares still eat.  Removal, the centerpiece of the glorious ‘Path Forward,’ is still the best option.

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