Strategy for Implementing ‘Path Forward’ Sent to Congress

The $21 million authorized in December for the disastrous management plan is another step closer to obligation, according to a news release by Animal Wellness Action, a lobbying group in Washington, DC.

Congress withheld funding until the BLM developed a comprehensive and detailed plan for controlling wild horse and burro populations on public lands in the western U.S.

The plan was issued last week and Congress has 60 days to review it.

The news release did not indicate if it was a draft, subject to revision, or if it would be posted for public comments.

A simple way to assess the validity of the plan is to search it for terms such as ‘AUM,’ ‘livestock,’ ‘forage allocation,’ ‘permit’ and ‘grazing season.’

They’re not in there, as if the grazing program was independent of the WHB program, not intertwined.  Everybody knows that AMLs must go down if permitted AUMs go up!

The plan puts the crosshairs on America’s wild horses and burros while shielding the ranchers from public scrutiny.

HMAs were supposed to be safe havens for wild horses and burros but the government has turned them into breeding grounds for privately owned livestock.

Meanwhile, the BLM is ‘modernizing’ the grazing program, to streamline the permitting process, provide greater flexibility for managing resources and further enrich the public-lands ranchers.

One thought on “Strategy for Implementing ‘Path Forward’ Sent to Congress

  1. The BLM is basically not managing well at all. The wild horse and burro act of 1971 is not being followed. Too much money is the culpret. They (BLM) does not care about the health and safety of our horses. They are still abused and transported to Mexico and Canada.i’ve followed the BLB since the late 60’s and they are no longer following the law. They hold water from horses and trap them inhumanely. Some even die or are severely injured.

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