‘Path Forward’ Sob Story

Look at the photos on page 25 of the new strategy for controlling wild horse and burro populations on western rangelands.  You’re supposed to conclude that the changes were due to free-roaming horses.  Wildfires, droughts and overgrazing were not involved.

Path Forward Sob Story-1

Why worry about forage and nutritional values?  The horses take what they can get.

Zoom in on the storyboard.  The photos were taken on the Spruce Allotment, which intersects the Spruce-Pequop HMA.

The tragedy is not that the horses are suffering from malnutrition, but that the land is now less useful to the poor ranchers.

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One thought on “‘Path Forward’ Sob Story

  1. What about the deceitful sqeeze play that is happening against the wild horses and burros throughout the West so that the public lands ranchers, big game hunters, enormous mining and energy companies, among others can monopolize the public lands to sqeeze every bit of money out of it they can?!

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