Grazing Program Overhaul

Panel discussion of issues facing the poor ranchers in Utah.

Concerns not addressed in the video:

  • Water sources commandeered for personal gain
  • Fences that impede the movement of other animals, limiting access to critical resources
  • Grazing fees stuck in a time capsule since the 1960s
  • Stocking rates that would destroy the land in a single season if it wasn’t for pasture rotation
  • Rape and pillage sold as environmental stewardship
  • Transmission of diseases to wildlife by domestic livestock (e.g., bighorn sheep)
  • Wild horses forced off their home range so their food can be sold to the ranchers, courtesy of American taxpayers
  • Consumers unable to tell if they’re buying range-fed beef
  • Conflicts of interest by those who manage and monitor the programs

How can they defend any of this?

RELATED: BLM to Modernize Grazing Regulations on Public Lands.

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