Two Foals Exit Virginia Range

A report posted yesterday by Horse & Man said one of them received no milk and the other was abandoned.  But wait—great news—they’re going to a sanctuary!  Awww….

What are they supposed to eat?  Who’s going to teach them how to be horses?

Wild horses coming off the range is never good news.  The cases were reported by “volunteers with the American Wild Horse Campaign,” according to the story.

The Virginia Range is a large area, about 450 square miles.  What were those volunteers doing out there?  Darting mares with contraceptives?  Were the foals casualties of their ill-conceived program?  None of this was mentioned in the report.

We know from Assateague Island that PZP produces unnatural sex ratios, high mortality rates in stallions and slow return to fertility when treatments are stopped.

We also know from the Virginia Range that it can result in barren mares stealing foals, pregnant mares aborting foals and abscesses at the injection area.

But don’t worry, it’s safe, because the PZP zealots said so.

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