Horses Attract Bullies

Personnel with the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group held a press conference recently to review their plans for the Salt River horses.  A birth control program was included, of course, with the goal of reducing population growth.

If anything positive can be said about it, at least it’s not aimed at zero population growth or negative population growth.

The contraceptive-of-choice will likely be PZP, administered by CO2-powered rifles.  Or maybe they’re using compressed air nowadays because of global warming.


The wild horse haters are almost certainly pleased with the development, as this so-called advocacy group works diligently to advance their agenda of fewer horses on western rangelands.

In the 12/12/17 Nevada Board of Agriculture meeting, where a decision was made to transfer ownership of the Virginia Range horses to a private advocacy group, comments were made about the side-effects of PZP (beginning at 2:32:00 in the video).

  • Barren mares stealing foals which die because the mares have no milk
  • Abscesses at the injection area
  • Pregnant mares aborting their foals after darting
  • Fertility cycles changed

Why don’t we ever hear about these things?

The speaker was shouted down by individuals who are so lost in their sins (the contraceptive mindset) that they can’t even conceive of other pro-life methods for managing the horses.

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