BLM Removes Wild Horses, Aids Ranchers Affected by Martin Fire

In what can only be described as a shocking development, BLM has moved against the horses in favor of public-lands ranchers, offering assistance to permit holders impacted by the largest wildfire of 2018 in Nevada.  Many of the horses that roamed the area were not available for comment.

“BLM is addressing fencing status and needs, helping coordinate Farm Services Administration funding sources, and holding individual meetings with permittees about future grazing needs and feasibility within the fire perimeter.”

The fire affected seven grazing allotments and eight permittees n the Winnemucca District.  The number of affected grazing allotments and permittees in the Elko District was not provided.

The fire started near Paradise Valley, NV in early July and spread eastward across the Little Owyhee and Owyhee HMAs.  An emergency gather was ordered for September.

If you were thinking that maybe the BLM might be biased a little in favor of the livestock industry, this announcement should remove all doubt.  Their priorities should now be obvious to even the casual observer.

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