BLM Ends Owyhee Gather

Helicopter operations ended 10/04/18, with 1178 wild horses gathered from the Owyhee Complex.  Of these, 129 mares and 151 studs were returned to the range, with 127 of the mares treated with contraceptives (PZP).  Refer to the news release posted today.

The emergency roundup was a consequence of the Martin Fire.  The announcement did not indicate if any horses would be returned to the area when conditions improve.

Twenty five deaths were reported.  Nine horses were euthanized due to blindness.  A twenty year old mare was euthanized because she kicked through a panel after being treated with PZP, fracturing her left hind leg below the hock.

Horses not returned to the range were taken to the WHB Center at Palomino Valley, north of Reno, NV, where they will be readied for adoption, sale or long-term holding.

No livestock were affected by the roundup.

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