Emergency Gather at Owyhee Complex Begins This Week

The BLM will gather 1,175 wild horses from HMAs affected by the Martin Fire in July of this year, starting on or about September 21, according to a news release issued today.

Of this amount, 875 horses, classified as ‘excess,’ will be permanently removed from the area.  Some mares, no more than 150, will be treated with contraceptives and returned to the range, along with an equal number of stallions.

Helicopters will be used to push the horses into the traps and the operation will be open to public observation.

The fire started near Paradise Valley, NV on 07/04/18 and spread eastward, consuming over 435,000 acres (BLM announcement says 07/09/18).


The Owyhee Complex includes the Little OwyheeOwyhee, Snowstorm Mountains, Little Humboldt and Rock Creek HMAs.  The complex covers about 1.06 million acres and has a combined AML of 999, for an aimed-at population density of 0.94 animals per thousand acres.

The average population density across all HMAs is one animal per thousand acres.

The announcement did not acknowledge the presence of livestock on these HMAs, nor did it indicate if AUMs would be curtailed as a result of the fire.  Don’t worry though, it’s the oil and mining companies behind this madness.  Those industries require thousands of tons of forage every year to keep their machinery running, and they’re not going to let some stupid horses steal it from them.

Captured animals will be taken the Palomino Valley Corrals north of Reno, NV (already flooded with horses from other roundups), where they will be checked by a veterinarian and prepared for adoption (already saturated with horses from other roundups).

Gather stats and daily reports can be found on this page.

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