Spruce-Pequop Gather Ends

Bait trapping ended 09/09/18, with 371 wild horses removed from the Spruce-Pequop HMA in western Nevada, according to a news release issued yesterday.  Nine deaths were reported (2.4%) and no animals were returned to the range.

A foal was born at the temporary holding facility (trap site) on 09/04/18.

Five horses were euthanized due to blindness.

A mare died in the trap after hitting a panel, apparently breaking her neck.

Five geldings were gathered and shipped to Fallon, to be handed over to the State of Nevada as estray animals (which means they will probably be taken to auction and picked up by kill buyers, after attempting to find their owners).

No cattle were harmed in the process?

Gather stats and daily reports can be found at this page.

These actions are not being done out of concern for the horses but for loyalty to the public-lands ranchers and their overlords in the livestock industry.

Links are never provided for applicable grazing allotments and other documentation showing allocation of resources, so interested parties could determine which species is consuming more than its fair share of the available forage, on lands set aside for wild horses and burros.

RELATED: BLM Starts Emergency Gather at Spruce-Pequop.

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