Wild Horse Awareness

Posting this video as a guest commentary.  More people are learning about these icons of the American West, and that’s a good thing.  Additional remarks:

  • BLM allows oil and gas exploration and production on public lands, along with timber harvesting and mining, but the greatest threat to WHB comes from the ranching industry
  • The conflict goes back many years
  • Horses and burros removed from public lands are also placed in off-range pastures
  • BLM spends about $50 million annually to care for animals removed from western rangelands
  • BLM tries to place these animals into private hands through adoption and sale
  • PZP is a contraceptive, extended use may lead to sterilization
  • BLM is moving ahead with sterilization research as a potential long-term ‘solution’ to the wild horse ‘problem’

H/T to Laura, a new voice for our wild ones at Gone to the Horses.

One thought on “Wild Horse Awareness

  1. Thank you so much for the mention and for your dedication to the wild horses of America. We need more people like you to stand up and speak out. We have to be the voices for these horses. I am very passionate about wild horses and horse adoption into good and loving homes. Awareness is the key to helping horses live long, healthy, and happy lives. Thank you for all you do in this fight against the BLM and their non-transparency.

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