Cash and Carry

Refer to this opinion piece posted 07/25/18 in the Elko Daily Free Press about new rules for selling wild horses.

These letters often give the serious reader an opportunity to ferret out elements of the wild horse narrative, like one of those word puzzles.  Not so in this case.  There’s only one, namely, that horses are non-native species.

The government serfs, who fatten their cattle on public lands at fire-sale prices, are delighted that individuals can now purchase up to 25 animals at one time.  It was smart move by the BLM.  The waiting list is long and people have been hanging on the fence for years to just to adopt one or two horses.  There are many WHB enthusiasts that have large ranches and deep pockets, and can easily care for 25, 50, 75 or more horses.

These cattlemen are an entitled bunch.  They see these changes as a step toward ranching utopia, where wild horses and burros have been removed from public rangelands, no longer consuming forage that belongs to them.

In other parts of the country, hard-working farmers and ranchers use their own land to put food on our tables.  We need more of that.

Raise the grazing fee on public rangelands to $25 per AUM.  Or $50 or $75 or more.

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