WHBAB Educational Tour Set for Blue Wing Complex

Participants must register in advance according to today’s news release.

The Complex lies within the massive Blue Wing / Seven Troughs Allotment.

Only one of the four permittees will be active on the date of the tour.

The other three are in their off seasons.

You may want to ask your tour guide how resources have been allocated between wild horses, livestock and wildlife.

Five HMAs are affected.

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Blue Wing Complex Allotment Map 07-30-22

One thought on “WHBAB Educational Tour Set for Blue Wing Complex

  1. It’s quite a coincidence they just happened to choose a complex in which (according to FOIA) not ONE acre has been assessed for damage. This way they can parade all those ranchers out there and blame the horses for any damage they see. Bravo, BLM.

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