Salt River Herd in Jeopardy Before CBD Legal Action

The Salt River Wild Horse Darting Group said in a news release dated May 25 that the herd is not ruining the environment, yet they are trying to get rid of them by poisoning the mares with a restricted-use pesticide.

This has been going on for several years, long before a coalition including the Center for Biological Diversity filed suit calling for their removal.

The advocates believe it’s one of the best managed herds in the United States, with a rescue program, a fencing program and a fertility control program that’s reduced the birth rate of their beloved herd from 100 foals a year to just one or two per year.

They are proud of this.

Instead of raising the bridge, they’re lowering the water, and you’re supposed to be angry with a coalition seeking a reduction in herd size, not a group that’s actually reducing the herd size.

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For Your Beloved Ants and Roaches 10-08-22

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