Stone Cabin Decision Published

The Tonopah Field Office will implement Alternative A, the Proposed Action, according to a Decision Record dated April 11.

The Proposed Action, described in Section 2.2 of the Final EA, features an initial roundup to remove excess animals and achieve low AML, followed by population growth suppression over a ten-year period, including application of Zonastat-H and GonaCon Equine, both restricted-use pesticides, castration, sex ratio skewing and IUDs.

The Complex and surrounding lands are used for animal agriculture, discussed in Section 3.7 of the EA, a purpose for which the pesticides were not registered.

The EA and DR were posted to the project folder with other related documents.

RELATED: Stone Cabin Pest Control Plan Out for Public Review.

Stone Cabin Complex with Allotments 05-01-23

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