Last Day to Comment on Kirtley Creek Permit Renewal

The permittees have asked the BLM to convert 46 sheep AUMs to cattle AUMs, according to the scoping information package.

The allotment covers 2,902 total acres near Salmon, ID, according to the Allotment Master Report.

It is in the Custodial category and does not intersect any HMAs.

The project folder includes a rangeland health assessment.

The Authorization Use Report indicates the grazing seasons are short but the stocking rates are high.

Why look at such projects?

Livestock grazing represents the largest segment of resource supply and demand on America’s public lands, but the advocates won’t talk about it.  If they did, the rationale for their darting programs would fall to the ground.

The parcel offers 257 active AUMs on 2,197 public acres, which works out to 117 AUMs per year per thousand public acres, equivalent to 9.7 wild horses per thousand acres.

The bureaucrats and ranchers insist that public lands in the western U.S. can only support one wild horse per thousand acres (27,000 animals on 27 million acres).

You don’t need to wait until permits come up for renewal to get the numbers.

You can locate allotments anytime with the NDV and pull the reports at RAS.

Kirtley Creek Allotment Map 04-11-23

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