CAAWH Distributes More Lies about VR Darting Program

The announcement, posted on the propaganda page hosted by Lucky Three Ranch, celebrates the fourth anniversary of the effort to snuff out new life on the Virginia Range, allowing the herd to die off at an increasing rate.

With a shrinking number of foals hitting the ground, the average age of the herd is increasing, along with the death rate.

Why are they doing this?

Virginia Range Darting Justification 04-10-23

Nonsense!  Some land has been lost to development at TRIC, but not enough to justify a reduction in herd size from 3,000 to 600 or less, the whisper target mentioned in the March 7 SB90 hearing.

At a stocking rate of ten wild horses per thousand acres, the Virginia Range defies the carrying capacity narrative peddled by the bureaucrats and ranchers.

They want it erased and the advocates—their allies—are eager to comply.

How are they doing this?

Virginia Range Fertility Control 04-10-23

They’re poisoning the mares with a restricted-use pesticide.

It’s not a vaccine.  It causes illness instead of preventing it.

It destroys the ovaries, usually within five years, resulting in sterility.  The damage begins with the first injection.

Effect on hormonal system?  Huge.

They are not keeping the horses wild and free.

They are not protecting them from removal.

They’re exterminating the herd with little if any fanfare, hoping you won’t notice.

What have they accomplished?

Virginia Range Darting Stats 04-10-23

With the program moving into its fifth year, many of the mares are at risk of sterility.

They’ve enriched those in the PZP supply chain.

Their enmity toward the horses has caught the eye of the bureaucrats and ranchers.

With the current lull in gather activity, they’re leaders in the wild horse removal industry.

Nobody’s getting rid of more wild horses than CAAWH.

Not motorists, not tourists, not shooters, not helicopter pilots and wranglers, not drillers, miners and loggers.  Nobody.

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One thought on “CAAWH Distributes More Lies about VR Darting Program

  1. I would rather see them do proper management by removing new growth not all foals them darting with this poison.Had they been doing proper fly over counts and not guesstimating and removing a few each year they wouldn’t have to be having mass Roundups and poisoning these horses with this crap.I think it’s gonna cause birth defects I think that’s why we are having to bring all these foals in and mares aren’t producing enough milk or their dying. These are wild animals birth control is not safe for humans what makes you think it’s safe for these horses. I’d rather see them rounded up and take their chances with adoption then this darting program. Plus these filly’s are being bred to young it’s gonna cause foals and the mares health issues. So my answer is no I am not for PZP or Gonacon

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