More on the Onaqui Poseurs

The hypocrisy of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses and the National Mustang Association, contributors to the $22,500 reward for information about the shootings, are well known and have been documented previously.

Of two other groups pledging financial support, the Onaqui Catalogue Foundation does not appear to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit while the Red Birds Trust is.

Both groups endorse the Montana Solution.

Bios of the Onaqui team begin with suggested pronouns, a big red flag.

Theresa Orison, treasurer, is “married” to Sue Robbins.

The Board at Red Birds includes Alisa Graham, treasurer, also “married” to a woman.

The groups know much about wild horses but little about permitted grazing, apparently.

Has their access to the herd and inside information from the BLM been purchased at the price of silence?

A coalition was formed and a reward was established before the agency went public with news of the incident.

RELATED: Reward Offered as Two Onaqui Stallions Found Dead.

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