Reward Offered as Two Onaqui Stallions Found Dead

The remains were discovered on March 19, according to a BLM news release.

Several poseurs joined the BLM in posting the $22,500 reward, including Suzanne Roy of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, who said shooting these protected animals is a serious federal crime but did not acknowledge her role in the shooting of thousands of wild mares with a restricted-use pesticide.

Roy, of course, is trying to establish her bona fides with the bureaucrats and ranchers, hoping to become the dominant player in the wild horse removal industry.

The National Mustang Association runs cattle on a Utah allotment, consuming forage in areas set aside for wild horses.  Rock solid advocates, those guys, just like CAAWH and dozens of other charlatans.

Most of the wild horses were taken off the Onaqui Mountain HMA in a 2021 roundup and the advocates are now working diligently to make sure the herd never comes back.

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