National Mustang Association Runs Cattle on Utah Allotment?

A search of the IRS records for tax-exempt organizations yielded two results.

NMA Search Results 06-04-22

The first group is helping the Park Service take wild horses off Mesa Verde National Park.

Their mission is to preserve and protect horses in the wild and to promote conscious and humane herd management.

One of their board members is a trained PZP darter.

The other group, whose mission is to protect wild mustangs, according to their 2019 Form 990, the most recent available, has a permit to graze cattle on the Sheep Spring Allotment in southwestern Utah.

The address on the 990 matches the address in the Operator Information Report at RAS, PO Box 1367, Cedar City, Utah.

NMA Address 06-04-22

Western Horse Watchers is unable to determine if the groups are related.

The Allotment Master Report shows 86 active AUMs on 15,373 public acres.

The Authorization Use Report indicates 19 head on a 4.5 month grazing season.

Curiously, the allotment is in the Improve category.

It overlaps the Tilly Creek and Bible Spring HMAs, which means seven wild horses have been displaced from their home range by a group claiming to protect them.

Sheep Spring Allotment Map 06-03-22

The two HMAs belong to the Bible Springs Complex, target of a new pest control plan, so the group would benefit from roundups and fertility control programs.

Maybe the allotment has been repurposed for adopted or rescued horses and the BLM records haven’t been updated.  The tiny forage allocation would make sense if true.

Or maybe they’re just frauds like most advocacy groups.  Who knows.

Western Horse Watchers was unable to find a web site for the group but they may have a presence on socialist media.

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