Cumberland Horses Threatened by Legal Action?

Athens attorney Hal Wright may sue the Secretary of Interior, the regional National Park Service office in Atlanta and the state of Georgia, according to a story by The Brunswick News, claiming the horses are not equipped to live on a barrier island.

They compete with native species for a limited amount of food, including sea oats that help anchor sand dunes, and grasses in saltwater marshes, trampling the wetlands and turning the areas into mud pits.

Sound familiar?

Wright wants the Park Service to provide food, water and medical care for the horses.

He suggests darting the mares with a contraceptive and to round up the healthy younger animals and remove them from the island for adoption.

Let Us Fix Your Wild Horse Problem 02-18-23

“Let the horses die out naturally and be gone,” he told the reporter, an approach favored by most wild horse advocates, including the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, its affiliates, offshoots and followers.

Last week, a manager with CAAWH described the poisoning of the Virginia Range mares as the world’s largest wild horse conservation program, in testimony before the Nevada Senate Committee on Natural Resources regarding SB90.

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