Redwood Materials to Expand Storey County Facility

The company secured a $2 billion loan from the Department of Energy for a battery recycling and manufacturing plant east of Reno, according to a story dated February 9 by the Reno Gazette Journal.

The 173-acre facility, south of Tesla’s Gigafactory, will be able to process two-and-a-half Gigafactories worth of materials, enough to supply one million electric vehicles per year.

Why is this important?

The advocates will point to the project as further justification for their Virginia Range darting program.

As noted yesterday, their goal is to convince the bureaucrats, politicians and ranchers that they have a better way to get rid of wild horses.

As for you, they couldn’t care less.

Climate change, a fake problem invented by liberals, and the green energy movement, are designed to enrich the communists and punish the capitalists, while imposing totalitarian control on the American people.

Redwood Materials Location 02-19-22

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