That’s What They’d Like You to Think

Ever wonder what the propagandists at the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses are pushing out to their followers?

You don’t have to subscribe to their feed.

Meredith Hodges of Lucky Three Ranch runs an echo chamber for their news releases.

Let Us Fix Your Wild Horse Problem 02-18-23

You’ll find all the buzzwords and all the lies, punctuated by their shameless attempts to separate you from your money.

What you won’t find is a sincere effort to help America’s wild horses and burros.

We are realists—we work with the bureaucrats and ranchers.

“Our own PZP fertility control program on Nevada’s Virginia Range has reduced foaling rates by 62%.  And hard-hitting data like this has helped us demonstrate to the public, Congress, and the BLM that there is a better way to manage our wild herds.”

You are defeatists, turncoats and sellouts.

You say you’re protecting wild horses but your actions prove otherwise.

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