How to Decipher Articles about Wild Horses

A story about Sand Wash Basin by the Craig Press reads like it’s based on a BLM press release, blog post or news conference, but the source was not disclosed.

Here are some tips for interpreting the article, starting at the top.

Majestic wild horses – Pests, an indication that you’re about to be deceived.

Landscape is out-of-balance – The horses are robbing forage from the public-lands ranchers.

Investing the funding necessary – Pissing away your hard-earned tax dollars on useless endeavors.

Public land users – Livestock operators.

That’s just the first paragraph.

Sage-grouse numbers are lower in areas with wild horses than in adjacent areas – Areas with horses are also grazed by livestock but you’re not supposed to know that.

Sand Wash Allotments 02-04-23

Gather of horses – Roundup.

Horse populations have climbed above this carrying capacity – There are more horses than allowed by plan, not more horses than the land can support.  AMLs are small relative to the available resources because most of them have been assigned to ranchers.

End of second paragraph.

Gather enough wild horses this year to get us back on track – Ensure that ranchers receive most of the authorized forage.

Beautiful horses – Pests.

World-renowned herd – Pests.

Landscape under stress due to drought exacerbated by climate change – A temporary change in the weather unrelated to human activity.

End of third paragraph.

Thriving and sustainable wild horse herds – Livestock receive most of the authorized forage.

Healthy herds on healthy public lands – Livestock receive most of the authorized forage.

This investment will help the BLM restore Sand Wash Basin for the public, for wild horses, and for greater sage-grouse and other wildlife species – Livestock receive most of the authorized forage in an area set aside for wild horses.

You can have your wild horse and burro program as long as it doesn’t interfere with the grazing program.

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Thriving Ecological Balance-3

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